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Programs, Audio Games and Free JAWS Scripts

On this page you can find various games, programs and scripts for Windows, Android or Symbian.
These applications are accessible for blind users via screen readers or TTS.

Choose from the list below or use the "h" key to move through headings to find the programs and Scripts.

Pontes Media Downloader, a simple media downloader

Since 11 September 2013, Pontes Media Downloader was installed 82866 times
Since 29 October 2014 there were 8983394 tracks and 378156 playlists downloaded using Pontes Media Downloader.

March 27'th, 2023
Version 3.5.2 includes:

Fix a bug that prevented program to be notified when download finished.
Updated some libraries for better compatibility with Windows OS.
Various bug fixes and other small changes.

Download Pontes Media Downloader v3.5.2 for Windows (32 bit and 64 bit, Java 11 bundled)
Download Pontes Media Downloader v3 for Mac OsX (Portable appimage, 64 bit, Java 11 bundled)
Download Pontes Media Downloader v3 for Linux (64 bit .deb, Java 11 bundled)

Older versions:
April 27'th, 2022
Version 3.5.1 includes:
Sounds for program alerts
Increased default simultaneous downloads to 5
Various bug fixes and other small changes

April 25'th, 2022
Version 3.5 includes:
Improved yt-dlp download engine;
Keyboard shortcuts for target formats combobox
Editable advanced configuration for download engine
Automatic check for updates mechanism
Added two visual themes. Default dark green visual theme
Various bug fixes and other small changes
April 20'th, 2022
Version 3.3 includes yt-dlp download engine instead of youtube-dl which has been discontinued.
December 29'th, 2020 Version 3.2 includes visual themes, keyboard shortcuts for the downloads table and a lot of bug fixes. Interface upgraded to Java 11 (OpenJfx).
16'th of march 2019: Version 3.1.1 is available, with audio format settings and lots of other bug fixes.
1'st of march 2019: Version 3 is available, with extensive playlist support (completly rewritten in java).
14 february 2018: Version 2.1 is available for download containing fix bug downloading playlists, source format selection, keyboard shortcuts, improved playlist downloading and other small improvements.
Download Pontes Media Downloader v2.1
29 september 2013: Version 1.2 is out, containing some bug fixes.
24 september 2013: Version 1.1 is out, containing proxy support, multiple downloads mode support, settings panel, sound hints on download start and finish and various bug fixes.

With Pontes Media Downloader you can download and convert media from popular media websites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, etc. The program is a gui interface that puts together two command line tools: Youtube-dl for downloading media and FFmpeg for converting media.
The simple intuitive interface enables user to easily download and convert media from the Internet. You simply copy the URL of the page containing the video and press the Download button from Pontes Media Downloader. Also, this program is virus free and does not install any kind of toolbars or addons in your computer.
Pontes Media Downloader was programmed in C# (versions 1 - 2) and Java (version 3) by Nelu Cîmpean (Campus).
Download Pontes Media Downloader

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Pontes GameZone, a casino simulator for Android OS

Statistics for Pontes GameZone:
Since 16 February 2015, Pontes Blackjack was launched 203331 times, totally being played 1502203 hands, an average of 7.39 per session.
Since 16 February 2015, Pontes Five Cards Draw Poker was launched 138506 times, totally being played 997187 hands, an average of 7.2 per session.
Since 16 February 2015, Pontes Cards War was launched 64130 times, totally being played 208029 wars, an average of 3.24 per session.
Since 16 February 2015, Pontes Who is Greater was launched 77404 times, totally being played 191043 hands, an average of 2.47 per session.
Since 23 March 2015, Pontes Connect Four was launched 19193 times, totally being played 40739 grids, an average of 2.12 per session.
Since 22 August 2015, Pontes Slot Machine was launched 45891 times, the handle totally being pulled 434751 times, an average of 9.47 per session.
Since 22 August 2015, Pontes Scopa and its variants were launched 175278 times, totally being played 241609 games, an average of 1.38 per session.
Totally, there were 723733 game sessions and 3615561 hands or different games played, an average of 5 per session.
Since 16 February 2015, there were 78518 orders in bar area, totally being spent $350936, an average of $4.47 per order.
View other statistics on the main page of the game
View Top 15 best GameZone players (by number of bankruptcies)

The version 1.0 of Pontes GameZone was released on 16 February 2015, the last update, 1.3.5 on 24 August 2015.
Pontes GameZone is a virtual casino with many cards and dice games.
It contains Blackjack, Five Cards Draw Poker, Cards War, Who is Greater, Connect 4, Slot Machine, Scopa (with its variants Escoba, Scopone and Scopone Escoba).
You have a virtual wallet containing your money - $1000 (at beginning or after a reset of the game to defaults).
The goal is to win more than one million dollars, this way the casino goes bankrupt.
There is also a bar area where you can order products like coffee, tea, juice, beer, whisky and cigar. Spending money at the bar area, the player has bonus at winnings.
There are also a pawn shop and a bathroom.
There are many options and facilities like: speech during the game, many sounds, play on shake, keep screen awake, statistics, background music and many others.
The game is also totally accessible for blind users using Talkback.

Install it via Google Play, the entry for Pontes GameZone can be found clicking next link:
Pontes GameZone in Google Play Store
More details about this game can be found at
Pontes GameZone was programmed in Java and Android SDK by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Dice Simulator, a complex dice simulator for Android OS

Since 25 September 2014, Pontes Dice Simulator was launched 93847 times, totally being 635905 throws, an average of 6.78 per session.

The version 1.0 of Pontes Dice Simulator was released on 28 July 2014, the last update on 15 October 2014.
Pontes Dice Simulator is a featured dice simulator which allows you to throw various number of dice, announces them vocally in several languages, throws them on shaking and many others.
There are many options in menu: disable or enable dice sounds, number speaking, sorting mode (descendant, ascendant or none).
It shows the lucky percentage, for instance a six is 100%, an one is 0%.
It is also fully accessible using Talkback.

Install it via Google Play, the entry for Pontes Dice Simulator can be found clicking next link:
Pontes Dice Simulator in Google Play Store
More details about this game can be found at
Pontes Dice Simulator was programmed in Java and Android SDK by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Sound Puzzle, puzzle up your music collection!

Since 22 February 2013, Pontes Sound Puzzle was installed 1240 times.
A total of 2021 puzzles containing 20230 pieces were solved successfully, an average of 10.01 pieces per puzzle.

Download the latest version of Pontes Sound Puzzle 6 oct. 2014 - Version 2 of Pontes Sound Puzzle is out!
Here's what's new:
The game has been rewritten completely in DotNet
A puzzle editor in included
The maximum possible number of puzzle pieces is raised to 36
Save and load is changed.
2 new labelling modes have been introduced (letters and file names)
Supported audio files and save files can be opened directly with the game.
The installer includes three music fragments that can be optionally installed.

For gamers and music lovers. Pontes Sound Puzzle is the ideal game.
With a user-friendly interface, visual and auditory (using screen readers), the game lets you create audio puzzles of 3 up to 20 parts of any song from your computer. You can easily switch to another song chosen at random or specify your own file to be mixed.
The gameplay is very simple. You have some puzzle pieces from a song and you have to arrange them in the proper track order.
Lift the desired piece with the arrow up key, go where you want to put it with the left or right arrow keys and press enter or down arrow to insert the piece there.
Dragging the mouse, right-click the desired fragment, hold down the right mouse button and release it where you want to insert the piece.
Pontes Sound Puzzle offers many possibilities to manipulate fragments of the puzzle.
Supported audio formats are: MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, AIFF, MP2 and MP1.

For more details, read the Online Manual.
Pontes Sound Puzzle was programmed by Nelu Cîmpean (Campus).

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Pontes Escape, an adventure game

Since 7 January 2013, Pontes Escape was installed 3130 times.
The character escaped from cave 8772 times, finishing successfully the adventure 3216 times.
Download Pontes Escape, version 1.1

Pontes Escape is an adventure game created as a practice at the end of a BGT course held by Emanuel Boboiu between March and June 2012.
All information about this course, including code examples, summaries, audio recordings, can be found in a Topic on the Pontes Forum: BGT Course - evolution (Romanian Language).

The goal of this game is to escape from mined areas where there is always the risk to lose lives in explosions and other hazards.
The game has 3 main levels, two intermediate bonus levels and one final level.
In every main level, the character is placed on an area of a random size with a length west - east between 20 and 50 steps, and north - south between 10 and 25 steps.
The three main levels are: "Escape from cave", "Escape from water" and "Escape from forest".
The two intermediate levels, between the first and second and between the second and third main levels involve passing at speed through a tunnel. Running to the exit at the end of the tunnel, two bonus lives appear randomly placed. The bonus can eventually be taken by pressing space when the specific sound is heard.
The final level is actually the successful running after escaping from mined areas. The character waits for a train which passes from left to right. When the train arrives in front of the character, a short signal is heard and you must press Control + Up Arrow to jump inside it.
The train reaches a station where someone shoots the character from three directions: West, North and East. To get rid of bullets, the character's shield must be positioned to the left, top, or right, in the direction from which you hear the gun loading sound.

Read more about this game clicking the link below: Online Help for Pontes Escape

If the game seems too difficult, you can also use one of the five existent cheat codes.
If a screen reader is running, the messages will be spoken through it, else the messages will be spoken through default Sapi 5 voice.

The present version is 1.1, completed in January 7, 2013.
The Version 1.0 was completed on December 8, 2012.
Pontes Escape was programmed by Emanuel Boboiu and Cornel Todericiu, members of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Pong, an audio and video game

Since 25 November 2012, Pontes Pong was installed 1108 times.
Download Pontes Pong, version 1.0

Pontes Pong is a ping-pong like bimodal game. It can be played by blind users by means of the audio interface and by non visually impaired users by means of the video interface.
You are in a room and you have a pad. A ball falls from the ceiling and you have to prevent it from hitting the floor by positioning the pad under the ball. After hitting the pad the ball will return to the ceiling with a slightly increased speed. The ball may hit the walls and the ceiling and will return to the floor.
The height of the ball is shown by the pitch of the ball sound. The position of the pad will give the ball a different direction when hitting it. For example, if the pad is slightly on the left side of the ball, the ball will go slightly to the right of the room and so on.
You will win a point if you can make the ball hit the ceiling in the middle area of the room. The computer will win a point if the ball hits the floor.
The game is played in the table tennis system, with configurable sets of 11, 21 or 6 points. The first one to reach 11 points, for example, wins the game.
Pontes Pong was programmed in AutoIt by Campus (Nelu Cîmpean), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Backgammon, an Online and Offline Game

Since 25 March 2011, Pontes Backgammon was installed 9144 times.
Download Pontes Backgammon, version 1.6.1 (released on 6 January 2016 - 13,9 MB)
What's New in 1.6.1
Pontes Backgammon is a game created in BGT.
It is possible to play the traditional game backgammon online and offline (two in the same room or against the computer).

Go to Pontes Backgammon Homepage:
Pontes Backgammon was programmed in BGT by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Duel, an online shooter

Since 25 September 2011, Pontes Duel was installed 6674 times.
Rounds played since 25 September 2011: 316606.
Download Pontes Duel 2.0, realised on 20 February 2012
What's New?

This game is playable online and requires port 9995 UDP to be properly opened in order to host a game. If you are the host, it is also necessary to allow the game to pass through firewall.

One round is finished when one player has 15 points or it's a draw when both players have 14 points. If the opponent is hit directly in front, you win 2 or 4 points, if you hit the opponent almost directly in front, you win one or 2 points.
The winner is the player who is the first to win ten rounds.
You can play against computer, there are 3 difficutly levels: Easy, Hard and Almost Impossible.
In Training mode you can practice all rounds.
There are different kinds of rounds: Revolver on the floor, sniper on the snow, revolver on the ice, swords on the grass, Box on the gravel, Tanks, Spears riding Horses.
Use left or right arrows or the mouse to move left or right.
Press Up Arrow to jump in some rounds.
Press Space bar or Left Mouse Button to fire or hit.
Press Enter key or Right Mouse Button to charge the gun or to rest.
Press F4 or Middle Mouse Button to throw a flashbang if you are using a fire gun.
Press S to hear the score in the current round.
Press A to hear the rounds score.
Press F2 to pause and again F2 to resume the game.
Read the Manual for more details.

Pontes Duel is programmed in BGT by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu).
Many sounds are edited by Cornel Todericiu who is also the main tester.

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Pontes Kick-ups, a reaction speed game

Since 22 December 2012, Pontes Kick-ups was installed 2893 times.
It was played 35264 times, with a total of 1535320 kick-ups, an average of 43.54 points per game.
Version 1.05, including new mods, was released on 28 September 2013:
Download Pontes Kick-ups, version 1.05

Pontes Kick-ups is a simple reaction speed game created in BGT.
You are on a scrolling area of 24 steps and from the ceiling an object is launched randomly. You must hit the object to go back to the ceiling.
The object falls quicker than previous time each time it is launched.
There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Hard and Difficult.
In Easy level you must be almost under the object to hit it.
In Hard level you must be almost under the object, but closer than in Easy level.
In Difficult level you must be positioned right under the object to hit it.
The best scores are saved, the main goal is to make for a certain level more and more points.
There are game mods like: Default (with a ball as object), Bowling (with specific sounds), Dog and Cat (with a cat as object), Torball and She-wolf and Tomcat.
Use left and right arrows to move from left to right and from right to left.
To hit the object press up arrow or space bar.
Press S to hear the score and P to pause the game.
You can use also the mouse: move it left / right and press left click to hit the object. Pressing right click you can hear current score.
Read the Help File for more details and instructions like for new mods creation and others.
Pontes Kick-ups was programmed in BGT by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Braille Typewriter, a typewriter simulator

Since 9 February 2013, Pontes Braille Typewriter was installed 2749 times.
The braille typewriter was repaired 2033 times.
Download Pontes Braille Typewriter

Pontes Braille Typewriter is a tool which allows you to type text like in braille. It consists of two parts: the braille typewriter simulator and a section to write simple text like in braille.
Braille Tables included at the moment are: English, English Braille 2, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish.
If a screen reader is running, the messages will be spoken through it, else the messages will be spoken through default SApi 5 voice.
The screen readers supported are: JAWS for Windows, Window-Eyes, System Access and NVDA.
Last update: 1.1 - July 8, 2015, read What's new.

If you choose to use the simulator, you must insert a new paper in the typewriter, use Control + N for this action.
You can use the keys F, D, S, J, K and L to make one or more dots of the six-dots-cells.
To go on a new line, press Enter first, after press Home key to go to the start of the line.
You can also extract the paper from the typewriter, put the tool in its bag and other things.
Read all the information about this simulator in the Manual.

Sometimes it is possible the typewriter to be broken. This is after a long time of use, or if you pull and push the carriage using Home and End keys without typing anything.
You must to repair the typewriter.
Press Control + R to start the repairing process.
Press Control + Right Arrow to spin the will which push the carriage.
You must press another Control + Right after the sound of will spinning is finished. You have only a half of a second to press Control + Right again after the previous sound of the spinning will is finished.
When you hear a short beep, you must press the Enter key to finish the repairing process.
If you succeed, you can use again the typewriter, otherwise you must try again to repair it.
Pontes Braille Typewriter was programmed in BGT by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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The Tower of Hanoi, a mathematical puzzle

Since 1st of July 2011, The Tower of Hanoi was installed 1002 times.
Download The Tower of Hanoi, version 1.1
Last update: 29 December 2012. Added support for screen reader and new sounds.

The Tower of Hanoi or Towers of Hanoi , also called the Tower of Brahma or Towers of Brahma, is a mathematical game or puzzle. It consists of three rods, and a number of disks of different sizes which can slide onto any rod. The puzzle starts with the disks in a neat stack in ascending order of size on one rod, the smallest at the top, thus making a conical shape.

The objective of the puzzle is to move the entire stack to another rod, obeying the following rules:
1. Only one disk may be moved at a time.
2. Each move consists of taking the upper disk from one of the rods and sliding it onto another rod, on top of the other disks that may already be present on that rod.
3. No disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk.

The number of moves required to solve a Tower of Hanoi puzzle is 2n-1, where n is the number of disks.

Read the Online Help for Tower of Hanoi
The Tower of Hanoi was programmed in BGT by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Memory Train, free game for Symbian OS

Pontes Memory Train is a game for Nokia Phones, Symbian OS.
This game can be played by sighted or blind people, tested with Nuance Talks.
Choose Start Game or Training Mode from the Menu. In Training Mode you can learn the images, sounds and the corresponding keys to play them.
There are 4 images and sounds which represent animals. Use the arrows key or numpad keys 2, 4, 6, respectively 8 for an animal.
The animals are: elephant, dog, cat and lion.

When playing, You must increase the number of cars following the correct order.
The record is saved automatically and it can be reset from menu.

In menu there are many options like:

  • Enable or disable images or sounds,
  • Set the sound volume between 5 and 100,
  • Set text font size between 8 and 50.
  • Reset best score to 0,
  • Enable or disable the keeping screen awake etc.

The game is free, to activate it it's necessary to send a SMS in Orange Romania Network, standard charge. This is only for statistics.
The SMS is sent automatically if you choose to activate the game.

Download Pontes Memory Train clicking next link: Pontes Memory Train Files
In the archive there are versions for Symbian 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition and 5th edition.
Game programmed in M by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Phone Time, a free Accessible Stop watch / Timer for Symbian

Pontes Phone time is a free timer for Symbian 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition, accessible with Nuance Talks, but also usable for the visual.

Download Links:
Pontes Phone Time 1.0 - Symbian 2nd Edition
Pontes Phone Time 1.0 - Symbian 3rd Edition
Simple press Left Soft Key (Key1) until installing is complete.

Available Options:

  • Start - starts counter asking the number of minutes and seconds. Writing 0, it goes without time limit.
  • Start to Infinite - starts without limit.
    While time is running, the options Pause, Stop and Reset will appear in the menu.
    While time is paused, in the menu will appear the options Resume and Stop.
  • Seconds Between Beeps - asks for the number of seconds between beeps.
  • Minutes Between Beeps - asks for the number of minutes between beeps. Writing 0, the time goes without beeps.
  • Font Size - sets the font size between 8 and 50. By default, it is 25.
  • Keep Screen Awake - disable/enable the screen saver.
  • Hide - sends the program to background.

Available Keys:

  • 1 - says the time elapsed since it started.
  • 2 - says the remaining time.
  • 3 - reset.
  • 4 - Start to Infinite.
  • 5 - Seconds Between Beeps.
  • 6 - Stop; if time is running, it asks for confirmation.
  • 7 - Pause/Resume.
  • 8 - Show Current Date.
  • 9 - Show Current Time.
  • 0 - Hide.

The English 1.0 Version created in 4 January 2011. Programmed in M-Shell by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu).

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Pontes Phone Dice, a dice simulator for Symbian

Pontes Phone Dice is a free dice simulator for Symbian mobile phones.
It is available in two versions, for Symbian 2nd Edition and for Symbian 3rd Edition.
It is created in three languages: English, Italian and Romanian. It is possible to chose how many dice to be thrown. The dice are shown on the screen and announced through recorded voices too.
Download PontesPhoneDice for Symbian 3rd Edition
Download PontesPhoneDice for Symbian 2nd Edition.
Roll the dice!

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Quick Reading on Mobile, converting books to be readable by Talks

Since 23 September 2010, Quick Reading on Mobile was installed 777 times.
Download now Quick Reading on Mobile 3.0 (2 September 2011)
Quick Reading on Mobile is a system which allows you to convert books to be readable on your Symbian Phone using Nuance Talks screen reader.
After you installed this program, you can convert book to be readable by Nuance Talks on mobile Phones.
Copy into clipboard the text you want to convert. You can copy the text from any editor, Microsoft Word, Notepad, or from Internet Browser etc.
Go on Desktop or in Start Menu, Pontes Tools, Quick Reading on Mobile and click on Quick Reading on Mobile icon.
The window which appear says the number of characters copied into clipboard and asks if you want to continue.
If you press Continue, an input box will appear. Write here a name for text and file, and press enter.
Another input box will appear asking for bookmarks occurrence. Here you must write the number of pages you want to be between bookmarks. If you don’t write anything here, the default value is 3 pages.
If the process succeeds, the converted file will be found on your Desktop. The name will be followed by date and time of conversion.

You must copy the converted file into your Mobile Phone and open it pressing Select Key on it.
Your Internet Browser will open the document without connecting to internet. For each Bookmark you will find a heading Level 2. During reading the book, you will hear: "Heading Level 2 - Bookmark 1", "Heading Level 2 - Bookmark 2" etc. Next time you will open the book on your mobile, you can find the bookmark pressing "H" Key 4 on you keypad. Press key 4 until you will hear "Heading Level 2 – Bookmark x", where x is the bookmark you were last time.
This version is tested with Symbian 3rd Edition with Nuance Talks 3.6, 4.11 and 5.03.
The Say All command in Nuance Talks is Talks Key + Down Arrow.

Enjoy reading with your Mobile Phone!
Quick Reading on Mobile was programmed by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Keyboard, test your reaction and typing speed

Since 6 September 2010, Pontes Keyboard 1.0 was installed 2894 times.
Download now Pontes Keyboard 1.0 (6 September 2010)
Pontes Keyboard is a program which allows you to test your reaction and typing speed.
It is programmed in BGT, the tool created by Blastbay Studios for C++ code especially for audio games.

The program consists of two main sections:
- Reaction Speed Test, shortly RST, and
- Typing Speed Test, shortly TST.
There are also other 3 sections: Training Mode, Encyclopedia and Settings.

The program is Sapi5 voice based, you don't need the screen reader to use it.
For more information, read the Help File after installing the software.
Pontes Keyboard was programmed by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Yahoo Messenger 11 JAWS Scripts (JAWS 12)

Last update: 1 May 2011.
Since 11 March 2010, Yahoo Messenger Scripts package was installed 7638 times.
Clicking the link below, you can download Jaws 12.0, 11.0 or above scripts for all versions of Yahoo Messenger (including messenger 11.0 or 10.0).
These scripts are updated by Pontes IT Department, Romania.

The messages in the instant window are read automatically by Jaws.
The alt + 1, 2, 3, ... 9 keystrokes work correctly.
New keystroke added: control + shift + enter open the last address found in the window. For instance, if someone send you a Youtube link, you press control + shift + enter and the web browser will open the last link (URL) vizible in current window.
The emoticons are spoken.

Download the installing package containing Scripts for Yahoo Messenger

Warning! The Alt + Numbers keystrokes don't work if Internet Explorer Browser is updated since April 2011.
Yahoo JAWS Scripts were updated by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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English - Romanian Dictionary - A dictionary containing half a million words

Install it via Google Play: English - Romanian Dictionary in Play Store

As of September 12, 2015, the English - Romanian Dictionary was opened 1855307 times, totally being 3688364 searches, an average of 1.99 per session.
As of September 12, 2015, the Romanian - English Dictionary was opened 514968 times, totally being 981212 searches, an average of 1.91 per session.
Totally, there were 2370275 launches of the dictionary and 4669576 searches, an average of 1.97 per session.

English Romanian Dictionary is very simple, easy to use.
It contains half a million words, expressions and examples of words used in phrases.
Allows translation from English to Romanian and from Romanian to English.
The database is in your phone or tablet, no internet connection is needed.
Tapping the results, the words are read by a voice found in your phone to hear their pronounciation.

There are many options which can be enabled or disabled in settings:
- Keep screen awake,
- Play sounds for some events,
- shake device for a new search,
- change search mode, all occurrences or only results which starts with filled string,
- choose text size.

The English Romanian Dictionary page on Google Play Store can be found clicking next link:

English - Romanian Dictionary was programmed in Java and Android SDK by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Hits, a very simple game in BGT

Since 25 July 2010, Pontes Hits was installed 1183 times.
Download now Pontes Hits 1.0 (25 July 2010)
This game is created in BGT.
The goal is to center both sound which appear randomly beetwen left and right speakers. Use left and right arrows to center the sounds.
When the sound are centered, press space bar to hit.
If you are in right place you have a point, if not, computer has a point.
Who reaches first 5 points, wins.
A new record is stored. Try to reach 5 points as quickly as possible.
Pontes Hits was programmed by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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Pontes Casino a casino game

Since 10 February 2010, Pontes Casino 2.0 was installed 3781 times.
Clicking the link below, you cand download the audio game Pontes Casino.
This is a game with Dice, Cards, Slot Machine, pub, bathroom, pawn shop etc.

Download the italian version of Pontes Casino
Download the romanian version of Pontes Casino
Pontes Casino was programmed in JAWS Scripting by Manu (Emanuel Boboiu), member of Pontes IT Department.

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