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ICC Goes East

ICC in Romania” is a youth exchange project to plan, set up, organise and implement an “International Camp on Computers and communication” at the “High School for the Visually Impaired” in Cluj-Napoca to give an accessible, safe, secure and most challenging “stage” for 60 young blind and partially sighted people from 11 European countries.
They will get together for a week, get to know a (very) new place, its cultural and social traits, build up understanding, friendship and a peer network, discuss and learn from each other as well as what is needed to be(come) an active, self determined part of our modern information society by networking and getting to know:
- Other peers in similar situations (from local minority to a large international network of peers, based on personal contacts and experiences)
- Information on needed knowledge, skills, prerequisites, technology and (higher) education possibilities in the form of interactive workshops and discussions
- Themselves in a totally new, challenging (yet safe and secure) environment and setting (“Camp”, Romania, large group not known before, English as language, new technology, challenging leisure time activities – things the young people perhaps would not do or not be able to do at home...)
- An overview and a first introduction of all: Intercultural understanding, raised awareness on others and the impression on others, a network of new friends AND peers from all over Europe and last but not least the needed knowledge, skills and competencies to deal with assistive technologies as well as entering Higher Education and acting in larger groups of (also non disabled) people as basis to all the above.

For more details, information, photos and others, visit the site ICC Goes East, about ICC 2012 in Romania.

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