The blind and their job in Europe

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The blind and their job in Europe

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Hello, I know there are no messages on this forum, but I hope, somebody will read this message and will help me a little. I'd like to know which are the job which can be practiced by visually impaired people in Europe and all over the world. Here, in Romania the visually impaired use to work as teachers in special schools for blind, as masseurs, and more recently like PC assistant, but this new job is very hard to practice, because nobody can think that a blind person can use a computer very well.
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Re: The blind and their job in Europe

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Hello everyone.
I know one type of job, which can be practiced by any visually impaired people, this job is called text writing, or in a more official way "content writing" or "website content writing".
This job is about writing a unique text about a specified thematic or category.
As it is defined on Wikipedia site:"A website content writer is an individual who specializes in providing relevant text content for websites. Content writers must be capable of adapting their writing to the varying demands of different websites. Most of their work centers on marketing products or services that particular websites are selling or endorsing."
This job needs a very good knowledge of the written language.
The most wanted and payed content writer languages are German and English, but there are websites , or website developer companies, who are searching contents written in Romanian language too.
The people who want to apply for this type of job, are called in generally freelancer , they will apply to accept the job online, they will supply the written content to the offering company and they will be paid after they deliver the texts,and after the delivered text is verified for being an unique content, which means the text should be unique on all the existing internet pages(this can be verified using specialized tools and programs). After the text is confirmed to be good, the buyer will pay to the worker the amount of money that he agreed at the beginning of the offer.
there are a couple of sites over the Internet , where the freelancer can register himself, fills in his profile of knowledge , and then he can search the available content writing offers available from the companies.
If there are some questions, i will be glad to help, or if anybody has some specialization or knowledge in some any type of field, i can offer some advices.
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Re: The blind and their job in Europe

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This type of job can be a really good one for the blind people from Romania.

Can you give more details? Those who are searching for a job may find your comments very helpful.

It could be interesting to know which are those sites that can be used for searching for freellancer jobs in this field, and which are usually the type of business that need work force (if you know), and how much is usually paid for this type of job, and so on...
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