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Let's speak up! for improving our democratic vision - Project started

The “Let's speak up! for improving our democratic vision” project will last for 18 months from January 2010 till June 2011. It is conducted by organisations based in Forli’ (Italy) and Cluj (Romania) and will involve young participants between 18 and 30 years old.
Two are the main groups of actors active in the project:
- In Italy: the Europe Direct Punto Europa Forli jointly with the informal group of young people “Giovani eurabili” and the Municipality of Forli;
- In Romania: the PONTES association and the City Hall of Cluj Napoca
Our objective is to create the conditions to encourage young people (in particular young persons with disabilities) to play an active role in their community, acting as full citizens in civil society and improving their participation in representative democracy. These goals will be achieved through activities in the field of education to participation, which will allow young people to experience the methods and concepts of representative democracy and active citizenship and promote the dialogue with local and European decision makers and stakeholders. The analysis of European best practices is intended as a means to raise awareness on different behaviours concerning the participation of young people in the democratic life of their community and to make them feel which opportunities, at a personal and professional level, they can enjoy being full citizens within the European Union.
The planned activities will take place in Forli’ (Italy), Brussels (Belgium) and Cluj Napoca (Romania). The project consists of the following phases:
1. Research about the European best practices on issues related to the representative democracy and young people participation
2. workshops on European best practices and on how young people and persons with disabilities can influence the EU, national and local decision-making processes
3. round tables with the participation of local decision makers and experts
4. mentoring young-decision makers (in order to experience the decision-making at the local and European level).
5. Open-day: a final balance of the whole project where conclusions will be drawn and guidelines and recommendations will be issued.

An essential requirements for organisations and individuals who will take part in the project is their active participation in all the activities since their very first stage. That is why we encourage people aged 18 to 30 who are willing to share experiences, best practises and knowledge and to learn more on the decision making processes in their towns, countries and in the EU, to join.
For further information on how to register to the project, drop us a mail at or visit the Punto Europa website. The deadline for registrations is 22 January, but if you are really interested we can have some flexibility in accepting applicants short after that day. On 22 January there will be a presentation meeting in which the whole project will be outlined. The meeting will take place in Forli (Italy), from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Should you be interested to participate please contact Federica Arceri. There will also be the possibility, for those who will not be able to travel to Forli, to attend the meeting via Skype.

For further information:

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